Since April 2017 when her book “En frosk i fjorden – Kunsten å bli norsk” was published, Lorelou is often invited on a television shows. She has appeared on a wide range of shows, from political shows such as Urix during the French and Norwegian elections, talk shows such as Lindmo and others where she talks about public debates in Norway.

NRK Gratulerer med dagen, Norge

17. May 2017

NRK Lindmo

1. April 2017

NRK Urix - Spesial Macron

11. May 2017

NRK Stortingsvalget

11. September 2017

TV2 God Morgen Norge

17. May 2017

VGTV Nyheter

14. October 2017

NRK Urix - Valg til Europaparlamentet

27. May 2019